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This game is inspired by very old DOS games (more specifically, Chip's Challenge). Your goal is to first collect every battery in the level to power the electric chair. Then once you use the chair, you'll become a ghost. In ghost form, you have to collect all the crystals to open up a portal. Go in the portal to beat the level and go to the next level. This game was originally made for the "Home of Nerds Game Jam" with the theme "Dying is good".


Arrow Keys -or- WASD = Move Character

Space -or- Enter = Select Menu Item

Backspace -or- R = Reset Current Room

Esc = Quit Game

Royalty Free Music By:

Music track: Funky Guppy

Composer: Bjorn A. Lynne (PRS)

License his music from: www.Shockwave-Sound.com

Install instructions

Download the file and unzip it to your desired location. Run the ".exe" that is in the folder.


ChucksConquest.zip 38 MB

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